Introduction to 3 Piggs Poker

Online Poker has to be the most exciting new release to the online gambling world in South Africa.

You can now play Online Poker against other live people over the interenet, in real time, with chat facilities and more

There is a stunning sign up promotion to help get you going

Poker Tournaments

3PiggsPoker offers a variety of poker tournaments whereby you have the opportunity to compete in a poker tournament against other poker players.

Poker Tournaments are exciting and highly competitive. The poker tournaments consist out of a multitude of online poker players all around Southern Africa forming a poker tournament of online poker players.

What this means in effect is that there will be no more need for poker players to wait endlessly for opponents to play poker with. This is good news for poker players at any level, from beginner to professional. Therefore there is no more reason for poker players to go anywhere else than 3PiggsPoker to play in poker tournaments.

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